Alita Rae – very sick puppy needing CT scan and treatment

UPDATE MAY 2024 – Alita Rae was diagnosed with cancer.  Helping Orphaned Pets and Giving4Pets is teaming up on this one as costs will be close to $10K!  Alita Rae is on her 7th chemo treatment and getting better every day.  Each treatment is around $500 so please donate if you can.

Alita Rae’s owner Adrianne reached out to us as she is dealing with tons of unknowns from multiple vet visits and no real diagnosis on why Aita Rae’s abdimom is filling up with fluids.  She has paid for emergency draining using all the money she had in her bank account and we are not jumping in to assist to get Alita Rae a CT scan and imaging to work with the specialists to get to the root problem before this poor suffering doggy loses the fight to live.  Costs could be up to $5K and we need your help!

Donate here if you can 

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