Charlie and LuLu in need of urgent dental surgery

Giving4Pets was able to cover the costs for Charlie and LuLu with the help of donations, our loyal shoppers and also cash donations to our website.  Thank you Giving4Pets supporters!  Another success story!  
Jennie and her two pupps that are loved and needing dental surgery ASAP.

Giving4Pets is jumping in and assisting Jennie and her dogs. Please share and donate if you can as every little bit helps. This is the 6th application for assitance since we opened on June 10th and more will keep coming in. We assure that all applicants do a full application to assure they are truly experiencing financial hardship and do everything we can to assure their pets do not suffer solely due to the lack of money.

From Jennie the owner.

When my dog Sadie died at the age of 17, I was not even contemplating another dog. I realized I missed having a dog around. But I wasn’t ready for another one quite yet. So I decided to foster. Shortly after I reached out to foster, I got a call for assistance in a hoarding situation. 45 dogs and puppies were abandoned at a backyard breeders house.

One of the organizers showed up at my work with a van full of crates. There were all sorts of small dog breeds in the van. Some were puppies that were literally days old. I agreed to take three Jack Russell mixes. I saw this furry black adorable scared puppy in one of the crates and asked if I could hold him. I agreed to foster him too. That was Charlie and needless to say, he was a foster failure.

About a year after I had Charlie, a friend from work had an “oops” situation with her dog and a dog at her groomers. A bit of afternoon delight resulted in puppies my co-worker did not have the resources to take care of. That is how LuLu came to join our family.

Sadie was an Aussie mix. A relatively large dog. I have never had small dogs before, but I knew I would make it work somehow. I was not aware when I took in Charlie and LuLu that small dogs are notorious for dental issues.

They both have been experiencing detrimental dental issues. Most recently LuLu’s teeth have taken a turn for the worse.

Life circumstances, including assisting family, a wrecked car that was paid off needing to be replaced and the general state of the economy, have made it difficult for me to be able to afford the extensive care they both urgently need.

There is probably a bit of selfishness involved with their lack of care. I can’t stand the thought of me having to put them in a shelter and leaving the only home full of live they have known.

I am so grateful to be able to receive assistance from Giving4Pets.

I look forward to being able to pay it forward both in donations when I am financially able and in my time volunteering at their amazing store.

This organization is doing important work for the community.

In gratitude,

Jennie, Charlie and LuLu

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