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Dedicated to Keeping Families and Pets Together



We will make a difference together – GK Foundation, Inc. DBA “Giving4Pets” is a federally registered 501(c)(3), dedicated to using donations from individuals, corporate sponsorships, re-sale store and foundation grants to keep Pets and Families together. Your contribution will have a significant impact on the lives of companion animals and their owners.

Your donations save lives and can keep families together. We know families are living pay-check to pay-check and we will not allow pets to suffer due to hardships being experienced by their owner. No owner wants to give up or find another home for their fur baby, but with the cost of veterinary care continuing to rise, owners not able to take time off of work to care for their fur baby who may have just had a major surgery or the owner just needing a few months of food for their fur baby. Each donation increases the funds available for animals and their owners to stay together and grow old together! Help keep animals out of shelters. In donating to Giving4Pets, you will be both helping to keep pets out of shelters and affecting the welfare of animals far into the future. We appreciate your generosity and your devotion to companion animals.

For questions, please give us a call at (866) 448-4644. Or, you can email us at We are happy to provide additional information about donation options.

For individuals, businesses or groups interested in donating to Giving4Pets: ** once the donation is processed, GK Foundation, Inc will email a receipt which will include our tax ID number for your taxes.

Much Appreciation, keeping pets with their family, safe and healthy is what we are doing TOGETHER!

All contributions to Giving4Pets are completely tax-deductible.

To mail a contribution, please include the following information:

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Corporate Sponsorships. Corporations donating to Giving4Pets receive not only the benefits of tax-deductible giving but also increased national visibility as a business that about animals and their communities. Another benefit to becoming a corporate sponsor is increased exposure to your business. Our website receives thousands of visitors and our network of veterinarians, animal certified trainers, pet owners, and corporate sponsors can learn about your organization and the services you provide. Each resource helps our applicants as well as our donors to become educated about the options available for preventative care, financial assistance resources, and helpful products. We appreciate your continued support of our important work!

How you can help?

There are many ways organizations can help and benefit from donating to Giving4Pets.

Please contact to learn more. You can also contact us directly at 1-866-448-4644.


Foster Home Support

Many shelters are at max occupancy. Unfortunately, not all shelters are no-kill shelters, meaning many pets will not live out their full lives if they are not adopted or saved in time.

Fostering animals is something many people want and wish they could do but simply do not have the financial resources to take on a new pet in their home. Giving4Pets works with your local community to provide assistance to those who want to foster a pet that is in need. Giving4Pets is able to provide assistance with food, medicine, veterinary care, spay and neutering and training to allow for the pet to be comfortable and successfully adopted to a good home and happy family.

By offering your time, energy and safe home to an animal in need, you help the animal feel comfortable and prepared for adoption into a permanent home. This also helps prevent overcrowding and in the end, euthanizing of animals in shelters.



Giving4Pets Volunteer Thrift Store Sales Associate
Giving4Pets Thrift Stores are dedicated to helping animals live their best lives. We are looking for passionate Volunteer Thrift Store Sales Associates Part Time and Full Time to join our winning team and assure our customers are provided the highest level of customer service and shopping experience while visiting our stores.


Assists the Thrift Store Associates and Manger with daily store operations including:

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