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Dedicated to Keeping Families and Pets Together


(Adoption and Fostering Programs)

The Giving4Pets Foster and Adoption programs. The GK Foundation is “NOT” a rescue, foster home or a shelter, this program aims to make it easier for families to open their homes and/or adopt animals in need, by covering the fees associated with fostering/adopting, provide start up supplies needed for the families adopted pet and free classes on what to expect when fostering a pet.

The Giving4Pets Fostering program – For many families, the idea of fostering a pet can be daunting, they may worry about the cost of food, veterinary care, and other expenses. With the PetBridge Fostering program, those concerns are alleviated. The program provides financial assistance to help cover all the costs, so families can focus on providing a loving and safe home for the foster pets seeking their forever home!

Giving4Pets Adoption Program: 

Considering Adoption, the PetBridge Adoption program, will assist you with the adoption process, which will include assistance with the fees, provide start up packages (food, shots, pet beds, crates, etc.), training classes and access to our veterinarian network finding you the right veterinarian for you and your new member of the family. This process will take work from the family considering bringing a pet into your home that is counting on your patience, support, unconditional love, taking time needed to keep the pet healthy and safe. Relinquishing, abandoning, or re-homing a pet is NOT an option, understand your responsibility before you Adopt!

Pet Hero’s

The program aims to help those veterans who have served our and who have service pets and are those who are active military members who may need help or temporary assistance to take care of their pets while they are deployed. The foundation will work close with the organization who train service animals for vets, other community advocates and the Veterans Association as needed to support the pet that provide unconditional support and hope to our veterans.

Companions in Crisis

Homelessness is a growing problem in many cities across the United States, and for homeless individuals with pets, the situation can be even more challenging. Pets go without much needed healthcare and the pet owners often struggling to provide the basic necessities for their furry companion. Companions in Crisis aims to support pets and their owners who are experience homelessness by offering free neutering and spaying, annual shots, grooming, emergency healthcare and the basic necessities to live day to day. The foundation will partner with other nonprofits dedicated to helping the homeless human, together we will support the entire family unit experiencing homelessness!

Veterinarian Partnerships

The GK Foundation will collaborate and build relationships will community veterinarians, emergency animal hospitals, specialty care organizations (cancer treatments, organ failure, etc.), mobile vets, and grooming companies. These organizations and groups will be asked to facilitate the services needed and work directly with the foundation to pay for services needed to keep the beautiful pet healthily and safe.

Basic Services

The GK Foundation will provide food, grooming and pet supplies to pet owners, foster homes, and rescues. The foundation will purchase/pay for all services and products, no money goes directly to the human requesting assistance.

Long-Term Care Services

The GK Foundation will provide financial assistance for those animal owners whose animal needs long-term care, such as cancer treatments, extensive surgeries, and rehabilitation, etc. There are many specialties care organization available to the animal owner, and we will be available to help them find save their animal! All financial assistance is paid directly to the facility, no money goes to the animal’s human.

Scholarships to become a Veterinarian

We know that the cost of schooling to become a veterinarian can cost up to $250K, that is scary for a young student to go into that much debt! In addition, after COVID so many veterinarians decided to retire, leaving many communities with limited options and long wait time to get in to see a qualified vet. With that said, we believe that there are so many humans wanting to become a veterinarian, but the cost is discouraging them. The GK Foundation will dedicate funds annually to award scholarships, allowing the student to focus on becoming a veterinarian! **note – this program is still being designed and we anticipate that in 2024 the foundation will be ready to roll out the scholarship application process and make award mid-2024!

Legislation Actions

The GK Foundation has no interest in taking this task on independently, with that said the foundation will seek partnership and/or organization the foundation can provide funding to, so they can work aggressively on local, state and federal legislation dedicated to animal safety, holding the abusive human accountable, eliminate puppy mills and retail store puppy sales, breeding animals for money and mandate a national relinquished list (the human relinquishes the animal to a shelter, rescue, foster home). Humans need to be held accountable and this will happen when laws and our legislators pass laws that may include jail time and financial liability.
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