Yolanda and her elder dog BooBoo 

One of our veterinarian partners, Desert View Animal Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona reached out as they had a pet owner named Yolanda who was retired, on social security and on a fixed budget that brought her dog in that was having some issues with her mouth and teeth.  Once they did the exam the determined that BooBoo was needing some major dental which would cost her around $1000.00.  This was something she couldn’t afford but knew if not done that her faithful dog would be in pain and the issues would only get worse, so that is why Desert View referred her to us.

We quickly got in touch with Yolanda, and we jumped in immediately to assist.  We had Yolanda fill out an application which is to determine and confirm that the pet owner is in financial need and then we quickly set up the surgery that her BooBoo so badly needed.

Yolanda adopted BooBoo from a shelter at 10 years old knowing that older pets do not get rescued from shelters. She worked hard all her life and takes very care of her pet.  Some people who are on a fixed budget don’t have the resources to cover these types of unexpected veterinary bills and needs us, Giving4Pets to be there to assist when in need.

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