GIving4Pets Thrift Store vision was founded on the belief that no family should ever have to surrender their pet to a shelter, chose euthanasia, or abandon their pet, no matter their financial situation.

We will be the first organization/nonprofit dedicated to providing FINANCIAL SUPPORT to Pet families, Pet organizations and any entity dedicated to reducing the number of pets in animals shelters, pets being starved, pets in foster homes and pets being euthanized due to lack of affordability.


DONATE TODAY - Help us raise $150,000 , which will fund the opening of our first thrift in the West Valley off the 101 and Peoria Ave. It is our vision that after the first store is open, our only ask of our supporters and the community is to come shop and donate items you no longer want, the revenue generated will fund the cause and expansion across the U.S.

The store will provide Financial Assistance and we can do this because we will be reselling goods donated to the store, generating revenue, and from the profits generated we will be able to fund our mission!

The store will also bring jobs to the community, advance public awareness, be a resource to pet households in a crisis and our Senior Community when their income is stretched so far that they may choose buying dog food over their much needed medication and so much more.   Join us on this journey to SAVE dogs, cats, horses, etc., and help reduce any heartbreak pet owners may experience because they are having TROUBLE paying for supplies and services for their companion.


Join us on this journey TODAY, because together we can make an impact and also look stylish knowing we purchased clothes and other items from a thrift store that is truly GIVING BACK AND CREATING CHANGE!


Take a moment to watch our videos from local animal hospitals employee’s who are on the front line everyday ready to keep pets healthy and safe. Hear from them why they believe strongly that the Giving4Pets Thrift Store(s) are needed now more than ever in our communities 🙂


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