Company Vision from the Founder and CEO:

The Gk foundation, Inc.’s Giving4Pets program is committed to assisting individuals and families who need assistance to pay for the various expenses that are associated with owning a pet. Staying true to our mission and vision, being intentional with those we serve, building durable program practices, and evolving with the changing needs of both our customers and our clients allows our organization to provide quality programming to every individual in our service area.

 Through close partnership with public and private sectors in the community, The GK Foundation, Inc. seeks to:

  • Open a resale or thrift store by the end of 2020, which will fund our operations and program services
    • Generate two million in sales by 2021
    • Utilize 40% to 80% of the gross profits to provide financial assistance to pet owners
    • Provide $1,000 pet owners for food and other necessities
  • Create a network of veterinarians and animal rescues
    • Provide $400,000 of health care to pet families who cannot afford those services
    • Grow our network to 5 independent Veterinarian Offices
    • Grow our network to include 10 Rescue Partners
  • Provide resources for spay/neuter and micro-chipping services
    • Reducing the number of pets surrendered to animal shelters and animal rescue organizations in our community by 10%
    • Increase the number of pets that are spayed/neutered in our community by 20% the first year, but 90% within five years.
    • Increase the number of pets who have microchips in our community by 15% the first year, then 100% within seven years.
  • Provide education and resources for general pet care
    • Achieve a 95% vaccine coverage for preventable diseases in our community
  • Reduce the recorded neglect cases year over year, until ALL pets feel unconditional LOVE from their human family, as they provide their human family with Unconditional LOVE!