In the United States, pets over the age of six are considered “Senior Pets”. Today more than 5% of the shelter population are senior pets. Important to know that many if not all senior pets are euthanized or live out their final days in discomfort and loneliness in shelters because humans know the pets time is limited and/or medical costs may be higher than adopting a younger pet.

Veterinarian costs are scary, just as scary as our medical costs. At Giving4Pets, we know that 1-3 pet owners know they may be put in the position to choose between care for the pet or put food on the table for them and their family. We also know that time is a concern for owners of senior pets, it may be the case that their pet needs medical attention more than twice a year.

Giving4Pets is dedicated to assist each pet owner in their time of need, a need for support and resources. Giving4Pets will use the funds raised or up to 40% of the revenue generated from the re-sale locations to assist the pet owner in their time of need.

In addition, through the foundations community network, where discount services may be available and in some cases “no” out of pocket costs.

Giving4Pets believes it takes a community and the purpose of the foundation is to support as many pets and their owners up until the day the fur family members is called to the great animal farm in heaven!