Pets need us to be educated and to completely understand the costs and time needed to care for the pets we bring into our home! Here is why:

  • More than 44% of pets are in shelters or foster homes because they were defined with problematic or aggressive behaviors, grew larger than expected, or developed health problems the owner couldn’t handle.
  • 6.5 million companion pets enter shelters annually in the United States and 1.6 million are euthanized.
  • Approximately 37% of pets are purchased from breeders, instead of adopting from a shelter (27%). Adopt DON’T shop!
  • 1 out of 7 households DO NOT spay or neuter their pets, resulting in more unwanted pets, who are then given up to a shelter or who become strays.
  • The average cost per year to keep a household pet safe, happy and healthy is $1,000 (food, shots, vet check ups, treats and toys).
  • The average American is one paycheck away from poverty and when it comes to deciding where to save money, pets seem to be easily disposable.
  • Up front education about these situations and help finding needed resources will save animal lives and keep pets and their families together!!!
Getting A Puppy

Top Ten Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

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You were gifted a pet unexpectedly — now what? Click to View