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Over 500,000 pets are euthanized or surrendered every year due to the pet owner not being able to afford veterinary costs for their loved pet.  Pet owners spend over $29.3 billion dollars a year on veterinarian care.  With so many pets being put down due to lack of money you would think there would be a “go to” resources to eliminate this staggering amount of pets losing their life solely due to lack of funds.


There are resources out there and these amazing organizations do their very best to help who they can.  However, many of them work off of donations only which can be limited during tough times and many have a very long wait list which does nothing for emergency pet situations.

What are your options if you find your pet having an emergency and vet bill you cannot afford?

There really are not that many options for emergency pet bills but here are a few:

  1. Apply for a pet credit card like CareCredit or ScratchPay
    1. See if your veterinarian will let you make payments
    1. Borrow from a friend or family
    1. Crowdfund using GoFundMe or CoFundMyPet or Waggle
    1. Surrender your pet
    1. Euthanize your pet

You could look to Nonprofits like Giving4Pets that help with vet bills or search the web for other organizations in your area or go to a rescue/shelter to see if they can help with the unexpected costs.

Giving4Pets is a dedicated Nonprofit for helping people with vet bills and pet costs.  This is all they do and are opening large Thrift Stores staring in Phoenix Arizona January 1st 2021 where profits will be used to help pet owners, animal advocacy groups, foster homes, etc.  with vet bills and whatever is needed while the pets recovers.  This Nonprofit and charity will be the first of its kind with Thrift Stores being the main focus for funding our vision – Keeping Pets and Families Together, NO Matter the Costs.   There are some smaller thrift stores in every state that are ran by other nonprofits however their proceeds are not dedicated solely for helping pet owners financially 24/7/365 with emergency veterinarian costs like Giving4Pets.


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