Giving4Pets works with a network of qualified veterinarians in our community to allow for access to medical support for individuals that are unable to afford required medical care for their pets.

Most families do not consider the most common pets — dogs, cats and fish — to be a major expense. In 2015, those households with pets spent about $1,000 a year on them, with some $425 of that being for medical costs

Emergency room visits can cost thousands of dollars, especially if surgery is needed. Nearly 70 percent of American households have a pet.

The average cost for unexpected veterinary care for dogs and cats is between $800 and $1,500.

Only 39 percent of Americans have enough in savings to cover a $1,000 emergency.

We always suggest pet owners or those interested in getting a pet to first consider the costs and assure they can afford all the food and veterinarian costs associated in assure your pet is happy and healthy.

Giving4Pets offers free vaccination resources, general care and emergency services with our network of veterinarians offering many services at no cost or heavily discounted priceDisclaimer-— In the cases where financial assistance is being paid by Giving4Pets for all medical services needed, Giving4Pets will recommend that the services be rendered by one of the veterinarian affiliated, but it is not mandatory to use one within our network. Always – the treatment and care of the “Fur-baby” is priority and we understand that you may already have a family vet you would prefer. Health, safety and care first!

Here are upcoming free events that we are hosting at our location or our partner veterinarian locations:

Free Vaccination Day

Coming Soon……..

List of network of veterinarians offering discounted pricing:

Vet 1

Vet 2

Vet 3

Here are some additional resources for free or low cost pet care:

Poverty’s Pets

(602) 920-1325

MD PetCare Low Cost Clinic 

(602) 358-7267

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